1 Customers rent bicycles from “ENJOY BIKES, S.L. (NIF B-66853169)”  now operating as bikesbarcelona.es-bikesbarcelonarental.es on terms and conditions of this contract

  1. The rented equipment must be collected and delivered at the same store where picked up, on the day and time according to the contract of reservation or rental. Customer delays in both the delivery and collection of bikes or delivery to the wrong store will result in an additional charge of €10. Should delivery or collection service need to be re-scheduled, the corresponding time / additional rate will be added.
  2. The reservation process of bicycles does not incur a cost to the customer but must be made in good time. Reservations can be made by phone or via the online form or send an email to the address info@bikesbarcelona.es.
  3. Method of payment: Cash on delivery of bicycle(s). Amount as stipulated above plus any additional costs incurred.
  4. Deposit: The customer is required to make a security deposit of €200 per bike unless he / she gives a Bikesbarcelona.es representative, identification such as passport , driving license or national identity card in the case of European citizens. The deposit will be returned once the lease term on delivery of the rented equipment is complete.
  5. The person signing the lease must be over 18 and is responsible for his own equipment rented and that of his companions(s).
  6. Submission before the hour: No refund will be made by bicycle delivery before the end of contracted rental time.


  1. Bicycles and rental equipment can only be used by people the customer designated in the contract.
  2. The customer is obliged to take good care and to take all necessary measures to protect bicycles and rented equipment from damage, loss or theft. Should any of the above situations occur during the rental period, the customer will immediately be liable for the replacement costs at market price. At the end of the rental period a representative of bikesbarcelona.es-bikesbarcelonarental.es, will determine the condition of the rented equipment and assess that all items are in good working order. In the case where a client has lost the keys, they must pay the replacement value of €12. In the case where a client has lost a bike, they must pay the replacement value of €250. The customer is obliged at all times to safely secure the bike when not in use (i.e. pass the lock through the frame, and attach the bike to a pole fixed in the ground or at a bike parking area). It is recommended in any case to keep a vigilant watch of equipment as much as possible.


  1. The client consents and releases bikesbarcelona.es-bikesbarcelonarental.es, ENJOY BIKES, S.L. (NIF B-66853169) of any responsibility for your use of the rented items.
  2. The customer is responsible for the proper use and in case of damage to their person, third parties, public or private property required to recuperate the costs incurred.
  3. The contracting client as a parent or guardian of a minor takes responsibility for the said minor’s well-being and rented equipment.
  4. It is the responsibility of the client and their companion(s) to comply with the traffic rules and regulations designated by the Spanish Government.
  5. This agreement is governed by Spanish law. The place of jurisdiction is exclusively Barcelona, Spain